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Ajalon - On The Threshold Of Eternity

Ajalon - On The Threshold Of EternityAjalon's second album features Rick Wakeman and Neal Morse, and for the historians, Ajalon's first album (Light At The End Of The Tunnel) was released on Rick's indie label back in 1996. Randy George, the band's guitarist and keyboard player, is also a member of Neal Morse's band, and is the main instrumentalist for this outfit.

Nine tracks are listed, but there is a bonus track called You And Me which is a rendition of the Moody Blues song and it has to be said, is a nice version of it. The album is nearly seventy minutes in length of prog packed full with some great production and great performances.

Of the nine tracks, their sound is a mixture of Barclay James Harvest, Jadis, Neal Morse and late period Marillion, but generally flows very well. Wil Henderson is the band's bass player and head of the lyric writing department, which is very Christian oriented as the band's name suggests, but it has to be said, the lyrics are easy to understand and complement the music very well.

The production is second to none, with a perfect sound and balance, and the keyboards are very clear in the mix too. Opening track Anthem Of The Seventh Day is a instrumental, and features Wil on Irish whistle, and could be compared to Simple Minds hit single, Belfast Child in some ways.

There are many highlights for me on the album, it is not a below average one by any standards, but What Kind Of Love and the title track On The Threshold Of Eternity stand out from the rest. Neal Morse lends his vocal talent on the title track which is also the longest, clocking in at a touch over sixteen minutes, and the song builds up to the classic ending as you would expect.

This is a pleasant album, and it would appeal to a lot of prog fans, also for the Christian followers. The Rick Wakeman fans will hear his two solos on two tracks which are very typical of Rick. Recommended.

Danny Mayo




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