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Anti-Depressive Delivery - Feel Melt Release Escape

Anti-Depressive Delivery - Feel Melt Release EscapeNorwegian newcomers, Anti-Depressive Delivery, have plenty of experience as members of other bands.  Formed in 2002, ADD have previously released two promo or demo CD-EPs of which all but one track appears on Feel Melt Release Escape, their first album which is scheduled for release by The Laser's Edge on 21st September 2004.

In a style that is all their own, ADD could be categorised as heavy prog-metal after the first couple or three  tracks. Yet they confound such general categorisation starting from track 4, Path of Sorrow, which has a Donald Fagen overtone vocally and instrumentally during the verses turning to seriously good prog in-between with keyboard washes and delicate guitar, finishing in a middle-eastern prog style.

Penny Is A Slut (not a statement but the title of the next track) is a great Hammond filled prog number twinned with heavy metal-ish vocals of the melodic variety and intricate instrumental activity.

The title track starts with an Emerson sounding synth intro moving into heavy rock mode with Hammond never far away and strong guitar riffs.  As with the other tracks, the trusty Mellotron is brought into action only when absolutely necessary, in this instance, closing the track.

Track 8, The Anti-Depressive Delivery, merges prog, prog-metal and the Steely Dan element, with a couple of brief Gentle Giant type keyboard licks.

The music is full of energy with a pace to match thus far but the real epic of this nine track album lies with the final 15+ minute masterpiece, Bones & Money.  This one uses classical prog piano, intricate and complex, and delicate vocals leaving one on the edge of one's seat waiting for the expected power instrumentals, which come in the form not of prog-metal, but an altogether more majestic Genesis style - immensely powerful but retaining delicacy - before closing with an ELP keyboard flourish.  A tremendous finish to a good album.

Laser's press release suggests that the album will appeal to fans of King Crimson and Dream Theatre, and that it may.  I reckon the appeal is wider than that, particularly taking the final epic track into account.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Anti-Depressive Delivery

Laser's Edge





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