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About Us


The Hairless Heart Herald was first published as a newspaper in 1994 and covered music, comedy and a bit of humorous fiction.  Alas, the last edition was published at the end of 1995 much to the disappointment of our four readers, the three writers and the editor.  Seriously, the paper did receive some critical acclaim and, strangely enough, a few innovative ideas have since been ‘borrowed’ by other underground publications.  Well they say that mimicking is the best form of flattery (have I got that right?).  Let’s face it, many prog bands today mimic the big names of the 70’s!

What happened to the original personnel?  Not that you probably care, but I’ll tell you anyway.  Chris White (editor) is currently working as a freelance graphic designer and specializes in CD and video cover design.  His clients have included Rick Wakeman and Adam Wakeman and I am sure if you would like to see some of his work before commissioning him, he’ll be pleased to oblige!  Chris is still involved with The Hairless Heart Herald as consultant and contributor of reviews and articles.  John ‘Bobo’ Bollenberg (writer) currently writes for a number of prog sites and prog publications including Progression, Aloha (monthly Dutch equivalent of Mojo magazine) and Mellotron (quarterly progzine from Argentina).  Links are provided in the Links section for Chris’s and Bobo’s sites.  Danny Mayo (writer) still attends an obscene number of gigs each year both home and abroad and was our number one representative in the field contributing reviews of gigs, albums and CDs until he left HHH in October 2005.  Finally, Jem Jedrzejewski has written a few articles that have cropped up in a number of publications, including Silhobbit.  Jem is editor of HHH and main reviewer of DVDs and CDs.  Newest member of the team is Australian guitar maestro, Graham Green.  Graham is on the staff of Groove Magazine and contributes reviews of equipment and amusing recollections from his career which can be found in the Behind The Scenes section of the site.

Contact Information

Any news of upcoming gigs, albums etc. should be referred to the Webmaster for consideration by clicking on the link in the Contact section of the site .  Consideration will also be given should you wish to contribute a review to this site.  All reviews are subject to editing and published are on the understanding that no payment will be made and that copyright transfers to The Hairless Heart Herald.  Musicians who wish to submit their CDs for possible review are asked to contact the Webmaster in the first instance - we are selective in the material we review, choosing only that which has the quality and substance likely to be of interest to our readers.  Workload permitting, we can occasionally provide frank but constructive private feedback to musicians on work in progress, something which has proved useful to those embarking on their first foray in the public domain. 



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