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9 On Bali - Kite Hawker On The Beach

9 On Bali - Kite Hawker On The BeachThe band of three 'Dans' as I have begun to nickname them have produced a fine album both in song structure and performance. You could call it a compilation in many ways, because of the styles and themes of the music, and how they change track by track.

The three Dans of Sweigert, Susnara (both vocals, guitars, keyboards, samples and drum machine, but Susnara adds bass and kalimba) and Van Schindel (drums on five tracks) make a pleasing sound, making this one album that will be played again and again. They are joined by two guest musicians on three tracks, but in general, the playing deserves a mention.

On the album, their first full length one by the way, thirteen tracks make up nearly an hour, and it is a real journey through influences such as Coldplay, The Beatles, Yes and The Smiths! A real mix you might say, but strangely enough, after many plays it grows on you. Many songs have a Brazilian feel combined with a pop sound, and from opening song O'Reilly which is a little like Coldplay, you find yourself towards the end waiting for the next song to see if it is in the same feel. (Radar) is next, and could have been a solo McCartney song with it's fine lyrics.

Now, the third track My Poor Old Blue Projector has me thinking I had changed the CD by mistake! Clocking in at over twelve minutes, yes, this is the 'prog' one! It has a strong Yes feel to it, and again the lyrics stand out with the structure of the song. A touch of the blues is thrown in towards the end of it, but I have played this a few more times than the other ones, just because it has the impact to be so different from the rest.

On the whole, it is a unique album. You can't really put your finger on it category-wise, but as I mentioned before, it keeps you interested in every way possible. With so many styles, and so much going on, it has to be one of the versatile albums around.

Danny Mayo

9 On Bali


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